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The REDD-0.4 distribution differs from the 0.3 distribution in:

  • A file gathering together all the tunable options has been developed (reddopts.h).

  • The O_NONBLOCK (nonblocking) mode has been added to the drivers.

  • By default the ZERO COPY is used when interfacing the driver with the read call, but one can choose the standard working mode of the read call in the reddopts.h file (added the read's standard working mode).

  • An option to decide if the driver receives all the broadcasts in the network or only those addressed to him has been added in the reddopts.h file.

  • The RTLinux code needed to develop a new REDD driver has been gathered together in the file src/include/drivers/rtl_posix_if.h. This simplifies a lot the work of developing a new driver and standarizes the functions and variables that the RTLinux drivers must provide (or use).

  • A new mechanism that allows you to substitute the open, read, write, close and ioctl (hereafter the POSIX calls) with your own calls without modifying the driver's code has been provided. This mechanism is provided in the file src/include/posix_fake/rtl_posixio_fake.h. That file allows your code to get a pointer to each of the POSIX calls functions declared in the driver and use them (if you want) inside your calls (that will substitute the driver's ones). This allows you to add code before and after the POSIX calls transparently (the final user will call read, write, etc.. in the same way, but your code will be executed instead of the drivers one), being a powerful mechanism to develop protocols that use this drivers (for example, a real-time protocol over Ethernet).

The REDD-0.3 distribution differs from the 0.2 distribution in:

  • Fixed BUG in the Intel Pro 100 (e100) driver that made RTLinux to hang randomly

  • Fixed BUG in the Intel Pro 100 (e100) driver that made Linux to hang in some contexts.

The REDD-0.2 distribution differs from the 0.1.1 distribution in:

  • This new release provides a new RTLinux driver for the Ethernet Intel Pro 100 (e100) card written by De Yu Liu (bullleo2003_at_yahoo_dot_com).

The REDD-0.1.1 distribution differs from the 0.1 distribution in:

  • This new release removes some files not really needed in the 0.1 version (most of them in the redd_tools directory).

  • Removed some includes in most files (memcopy.h).

  • Removed the memcopy() implementation provided in the ping.c file. Now it uses the memcpy() implementation provided by the kernel.

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[03/12/04] REDD-0.4 released!!
Lots of changes!!!.
Read the changelog.
Download it here.

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